James Reid Compares Sarah Geronimo and Nadine Lustre’s Slaps

  • August 10, 2018

Actor James Reid stars in his first ever movie without girl friend Nadine Lustre on his side. Sarah Geronimo and Xian Lim join James in the Filipino adaptation of Korean movie, Miss Granny.

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In a recent interview, James Reid shared the difference of acting between Nadine Lustre and her new leading lady, Sarah Geronimo.

“She [Sarah] had a hard time slapping me. She’s too kind. So sabi ko sa kanya ‘Hit me good. Hit me really hard.’”

James said that this was very different from Nadine who doesn’t have a hard time slapping him. “I’m used to it. When I’m acting with Nadine, she has a heavy hand. It’s always real.”

Miss Granny opens on August 22.

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