EXCLUSIVE: James Reid Recounts Hardships Before Making It Big

  • November 20, 2018

Blessings have been pouring in for James Reid, but he does not forget the hardships which caused him to become so motivated in his career. After emerging as the Big Winner in Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash 2010, things did not pick up quite well.

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James Reid

After quite some time after James’ big win from Pinoy Big Brother, he then hit a plateau in his career: “Sometimes you gotta hit your lowest point before you can have a turnaround,” shared James

He discloses how his defeated soul took up all his guts to approach VIVA Entertainment big boss Vic del Rosario five years ago. “When I first went to VIVA coming from Star Magic, I was the one that walked to the office and I said to Boss Vic, ‘I want you to manage me.’ Back then, people had forgotten about me. I was already having trouble with money. My choice was either VIVA or I’ll go back to Australia. I said, ‘No, I wanna go all the way.’”

He recounts, “Boss Vic saw something in me. He was so confident. He said, ‘What do you want to do?’ I said, ‘I wanna make music.’ And he’s like, ‘Okay I’ll make you an album but this time next year, you’ll be the next matinee idol.’” James just shrugged off those words, uttering in his head, “Sure, whatever you say.”

James Reid

True enough, in 2014, his first movie with Nadine Lustre, Diary ng Panget, was a blockbuster hit. The JaDine tandem continued to star in the movies Talk Back and You’re Dead, Para sa Hopeless Romantic, This Time, Beauty and the Bestie, and Never Not Love You. They have headlined the soap operas On the Wings of Love and Till I Met You. They have also conquered the music scene with their singles, duets, and albums, plus they have staged numerous concerts locally and internationally.

James Reid is nominated at this year’s Inside Showbiz Awards! Head over to the Inside Showbiz Awards page to vote for him and your other favorites!

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  • I Commend James in his Integrity, most courageous young man in SHOWBIZ: who defied “make believe and fakeness” in the industry: thus bringing back the meaning of “REAL & TRUE LOVE” WHEN HE PROFESSED HIS LOVE FOR NADZ BEFORE THE WHOLE WORLD, that nobody ever did in History of SHOWBIZ! GOD BLESS JADINE!!!

  • First off, I’m an ” retired oldie” from abroad, who went on a Philippine Showbiz (PS) hiatus when I came to Canada for a “greener pasture/Better life opportunity”, so torn totally apart & ignorant all about current PS (my last fave stars were the likes of Tita Duran /Pancho M; Gloria Romero, etc. & so ignorant of the current young stars that dominate PS in this age. Upon retirement hv time for relaxation and a nostalgia of PS to watch! By now so ignorant of current stars, shows, (& now: LT’s? What is this: LQ, KN, Aldub, JD? Who are thse?). So hv to review what/who they are: LO & behold OTWOL & PSY were the serye going on. I hv to choose which one to watch and enjoy; lo & behold, I fell on love w/ JADINE, my choice and got stuck with this lovely “Lovebirds” until at present: I fell in love w/ JADINE!!! Became their FB friend.