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  • September 4, 2018


James Reid

For the first time since the JaDine love team made a showbiz breakthrough in 2014, James Reid is all on his own now. He stars in the movie Miss Granny without love team partner and girlfriend Nadine Lustre by his side. Instead, he shares the screen with awarded actor Xian Lim and Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo. It is a pretty unusual occurrence but definitely a welcome development in the career of the 25-year-old Filipino-Australian.

“I think it’s what we need right now. I think it’s good for us to grow as actors, to explore more of what we’re capable of. But, of course, I was a bit nervous especially with heavy scenes without Nadine,” he admits to Inside Showbiz Weekly. “With Nadine, I’ve already found my comfort zone. We bounce so well off each other. But I’m lucky Miss Granny is just a fun comedy so I think I did pretty well without her this time.”

James and Nadine may have taken a break from doing JaDine projects, but that does not stop them from showing appreciation for their individual works. “She’s as supportive as a girlfriend can be. She’s happy for me and I’m also supporting her with her solo project, a movie called Ulan. Yeah, full support all the way.”


After Miss Granny, the comic book adaptation of Pedro Penduko is his next movie project. “It’s a really big production. Definitely the biggest production that I’ve been part of. And they’re getting animators from South Korea. It’s really big. They got EPIK Studios so they really wanna do this right.”

James Reid reveals, “It has taken a little time to put together but it’s going to be released next year. I’ve begun training again for it so I’m really excited. But, we haven’t started shooting yet.” He is also glad to portray such a dream role. “Pedro Penduko is a superhero role and it’s every boy’s dream when they were a kid to play a superhero.”

Joining him in Pedro Penduko is none other than Nadine who will be playing the character of Maria Makiling. “I don’t think it’s gonna be a long time that we will be apart in projects. Right now, there are no projects in the pipeline for me and Nadine together. I’m guessing so for now. We’re going to try out, experiment, and see what works.”


Whilst James Reid is being guided by Boss Vic as well as by his father Malcolm and producer Marcus Davis, he has a lot of creative freedom together with his friends. “It’s Careless Music Manila. Don’t ask me why it’s called that. It’s just an inside joke, me and my friends. And Bret Jackson was a big part of it because we started making music together a long time ago. And it grew, mainly with my friends. It’s crazy how so many of them are talented. Some of my friends are directors, rappers, singers, and graphic designers.”

He continues, “It’s really a dream come true being able to work with your friends on a passion project,” such as when Nadine co-directed his music video for The Life. However, it isn’t just all play for these creatives. “It’s been hard because we’re all young and we’re not that experienced in this. We’re making mistakes but we’re working it out along the way. I think we’ve created a product that we’re all happy with. We didn’t have to sacrifice any of the creativity for it.”

He also admits that clashes among his friends are inevitable. “We’ve had small arguments between some people but we always work it out. We say, ‘Guys, we’re bros first. Let’s take care of that first.’ We work it out in the end. That’s the best part of being friends—we can always talk it out.”

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