James Reid On His Latest Single 16B: “The song is not about me”

  • May 7, 2018

Only months after his successful debut album Palm Dreams, actor James Reid surprised everyone when he released a fresh new single called 16B. The track quickly gained traction and hype from fans and casual listeners. But as expected, it also received criticisms because of its provocative lyrics.

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With lyrics such as ‘don’t you want to sleep with me / bring out the freak in me’, people have been reacting negatively because of assuming that James is  singing about another girl and not about his girlfriend and love team partner, Nadine Lustre.

However, James clarified that even though he wrote the song, it isn’t about him. He wrote on his Instagram caption: “This song was inspired by a close friend. Yes 16B is a place, a place where even the most fiery of souls can get lost in the pretty lights.”

He also defended his friends from a basher who accused his friends of being dependent of his success. He replied to the basher: “I’m lucky to be around such talented people and even more lucky to call them friends”

You can listen to James Reid’s latest single below:

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