What Song Would James Reid Perform Internationally?

  • January 12, 2018

After winning Pinoy Big Brother (and a lot more awards after), who could’ve predicted that James Reid would be winning an MTV EMA award next? The owner of the fourth spot on 2017’s Most Handsome Faces list, truly is more than just a handsome face. Proving it further with his latest album Palm Dreams, which he had written and produced under his own label, Careless Music Manila.

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The 24-year old actor, singer-songwriter, other half of phenomenal and real life power loveteam JaDine and now producer, admitted that he would want to put his music forward into the international market during the press con for their upcoming concert, REVOLution. That woouldn’t be so hard now that James had won Best Southeast Asian Act during the 2017 EMA and recently, his feature on Billboard with Nadine. So, during the press con, James was asked which song from his album Palm Dreams, would he choose to perform if ever he’d be given the chance to perform on an international event and why he’d choose that song, to which he wasn’t able to answer immediately and even asked “does it have to be just one song”, that gained laughter from the media.

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It is understandable that he had a hard time thinking of a song from his album because most of the songs were written by himself expressing his thought and feelings, but in the end he chose IL2LU, the song in his album that was a duet with his girlfriend, Nadine Lustre. When asked why, he simply answered with “so I can bring Nadine with me”., which earned another reaction from the media, this time their aww’s because of how sweet however simple it was. The second song James would choose would be his song with squad members, Sam Concepcion and Bret Jackson, On Top.

Truly, Filipino talent could shine on the international scene as it has already done before, and if more talent from the Philippines were to be acknowledged internationally, JaDine surely won’t be behind on showing how talented Filipinos are.

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