James Reid Responds to One Netizen Saying His Friends and Family Are Users

  • May 8, 2018

James‘ Instagram post of his new single, 16B garnered both praises and negative comments. From the hundreds of comments on the post, one caught James’ eye and he even took the time to reply to it because of its accusation that his friends and family are using him to get in the industry.

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The netizen commented,

β€œNabigyan mo na rin ng katuparan James ang dream ng mga kaibigan mo like @loxprod na humihingi na ng work, oh ayan siya na ang director ng MV mo! Oha! Kaya dikit ng dikit. Si @zonlee naman, f na f na ang coll ng art niya, jusko ang babaduy naman! Si @narez anong work ang ibibigay mo @james? PA? Oi bigyan mo naman ng work si @tomdareid especially may bago nanamang palamunin yung jowa niya! Baka mas malakas pa yan lumamon kay Ashley, next mv mo, si @tomdareid at jowa na director kasi nag-aaral sa Cebu diba? Para sulit naman yung pantuition mo no? Tapos @james will post, “I’m so proud of my bro @tomdareid,” binigyan mo na si @laurenreidabook ng break nun, naging cover girl sa lahat ng magazine, yun lang walang bumibili and ang laki na niyang babae ngayon. Kahit todo workout, puro walwal naman!”

The netizen attacked James’ friends who helped him in his album and also his siblings, Tom and Lauren. The netizen even body-shamed Lauren.

However, James stood firmly and responded with kindness. He replied, “You’re looking at it wrong. I’m lucky to be around such talented people and even more lucky to call them friends. Can you say you’ve helped your loved ones in a way that allows them to express themselves creatively and made something beautiful together? If you don’t like what you hear or see, then do better. Don’t complain. Contribute. Everyone knows hateful opinions don’t get to me. If you want to get to me, speak of love and creation. If you allow hate to manifest through you that’s all you’ll receive. You gotta give love to get it girl.”


As the saying goes, “Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”

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