Why James Reid’s Palm Dreams Is A Game Changer

  • July 11, 2017

It’s not every day that you see one of today’s hottest celebrities who’s at the peak of his career try something totally new. It takes bravery and a different kind of passion to make that risk; to tell your management that you’d like to release an album with self-composed and self-produced songs, and make music that’s not expected to come from a mainstream heartthrob we regularly see in soap operas and television.

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Thankfully, James Reid has the guts to do all that.

And with all the positive reception and well-deserved hype his latest project is getting both from his loyal fans and casual listeners, it seems like James Reid has transformed from a matinee idol to a global pop artist waiting to happen.

Changing the game

The Philippine entertainment world is a demanding industry. Artistas here in the country are expected to be all-around entertainers; an actor, singer, and dancer in one. And when you’re famous, you can establish a music career half-halfheartedly, or just for the hell of it, and still sell millions of copies.

But James isn’t about that.

He has always been vocal about his passion for singing and composing. So two years after his highly-successful previous album Reid Alert and with the help of his friend and producer, Paulo Tiongson aka Poor Taste, James was able to produce the kind of music he has always wanted to make, music that was really his.

He strayed away from the expectations people have for artistas like him. He made songs that will not only be listened and loved by his faithful supporters, but will also catch the attention of people who have been anticipating for changes in the mainstream pinoy music scene.

Passion and ambitions

When people do something out of love and passion, it really shows in the output. Although him and Paulo only recorded and produced this album in an old Windows laptop with a sock-covered microphone, Palm Dreams resulted to a 9-track album which boasts of equally strong and catchy tracks which is just another proof that you don’t have to own the latest and best tools to produce your work of art. Cheesy as it may sound, your passion and hard work will still be the most important things, and Palm Dreams is a testament to that.

Moreover, with collaborators such as Sam Concepcion, Kiana Valenciano, Bret Jackson, and Nadine Lustre, every song in the album resulted into something different and new because of everyone’s own singing style. And with its great beats and well-written tracks, it’s probably only a matter of time before the international scene takes notice of this masterpiece, but for now, Palm Dreams is our ‘best kept secret’.

We’re not calling the album perfect or ground breaking or ~the savior of OPM~, but it’s definitely something brave and refreshing. It changes the formula and expectations from big celebrities and maybe, just maybe, it’s the start of something new in our mainstream music scene and will pave the way for other celebrities/artists who also want to do their own thing.

Palm Dreams is here; and the game has definitely changed.

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