Jameson Blake Reveals Current Score With Elisse Joson

  • April 16, 2019

The rumor between Hashtags member Jameson Blake and Elisse Joson is still going around, despite the two saying numerous times that they’re just friends. In a recent interview with ABS-CBN, Jameson revealed that he and Elisse are still getting to know each other.

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Jameson Blake

Jameson shared: “What I can say is we are friends right now. Ako kasi as a guy, I take my time. I don’t like to rush things. So I am just getting to know her. I can say it’s evolving. Every day, we are getting closer and closer,”

When asked to explain their friendship, Jameson didn’t deny the possibility that it could grow into something more. “You can’t really tell kasi minsan, bit by bit, it just happens. Sometimes, you just feel it if there’s something special,”

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