Jameson Blake Reveals He’s A Performer At Heart

  • May 21, 2017

Jameson Blake reveals to Inside Showbiz Weekly that he still loves dancing over acting. “I feel like in dancing, I can express myself better. I love music. I just feel it more. Acting, maybe in the future kasi acting, I’m just starting off. I didn’t really like acting before, but now I do,” he says. “I’m enjoying acting and the next day, I’ll be dancing. I can manage, I can balance, and I like to go by the saying na ‘Do what you love doing.’ That’s why I started to love what I do. Acting, dancing and then do whatever comes. I wanna be versatile. I wanna be that kind of person who can strike a balance.”

At the end of the day, he still aims to serve as an inspiration. “You show people what you can do, the talents you have, how versatile you can be. I like the feeling when people say you’re good at something. ‘Ah ang galing mo.’ And being a public figure, I want to be a good image to everyone, someone to look up to.”

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