Jameson Blake Talks About Hashtags Journal

  • August 26, 2017

In May 2017, the group released the Hashtags Journal, which became No. 1 at the National Bookstore’s Bestseller List for Non-Fiction in July (it is currently sold out!). The journal tells the stories of the 11 boys, from their beginnings to where they are today.

It also has photos and a special slum book section of sorts where the boys answer almost anything under the sun from how many times they’ve fallen in love to a funny incident from their childhood. “It’s like a scrapbook,” Jameson explains. “There are small things like your best asset. When you read it, you’ll discover things we never really talked about. It’s a journal and talks about each member and what they went through.”

Zeus tells that they’re very happy with the release of the journal. “Kung iisipin mo dati ordinaryong tao lang kami,” he says. “Tapos ngayon mababasa na ng mga tao kung ano ‘yung narating namin. Kung ano ‘yung naging buhay namin dati. Siyempre sobrang saya naming lahat. Makikita nila kung gaano kami kakulit, kung gaano kami ka-close [sa isa’t-isa].”

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