Jameson Blake Unaffected By Bashing of Some ElNella Fans

  • December 22, 2017

We all know that love teams are taken seriously here in the Philippines. In other countries, actors and actresses can get paired with different people every project, and no one will say a word about it while here in the Philippines, fans tend to be threatened or hurt whenever their idols get paired with someone else other than his/her official love team. When it comes to love teams here, fans want stability and consistency which is why it’s understandable why Jameson Blake is getting a lot of backlash after being paired with Janella Salvador, the half of the popular love team ElNella.

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A post shared by JamNella (@jamnella) on

A post shared by JamNella (@jamnella) on

Janella and Jameson will be working together for a Regal Entertainment movie, So Connected directed by Jason Paul Laxamana. And while both lead stars are happy about this unexpected collaboration, Jameson says that he has been receiving some bashing because of it.

“Some people are bashing me on Twitter. Mabuti na lang my fans are helping me ’cause I don’t want to fight with anyone. Ako, as person, I’m a peaceful person. I don’t like fights. Kahit mga ano sa internet, hindi naman ako umaaway sa Twitter or anything. Siguro may mga fans, of course, their loyal to their… if they have another love team, ganun, they’ll have an argument, they won’t agree with that, so…”

As for Jameson, he says that he understand where they’re coming from but chooses not to deal with them. “It’s their own opinion, so I’m leaving it behind. Even if you do the right thing, people will still say bad things about you. They will always have something bad to say. Everyone has his own opinion, so let’s leave that behind. I’ll be quiet na lang.”

So Connected is slated to come out on 2018.

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