Janella Salvador Breaks Silence on Alleged Physical Abuse From Elmo Magalona

  • October 22, 2018

There have been a lot of rumors and controversies surrounding Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona. Ever since Janella was spotted with bruises on her arm and then tweeted about physical violence against women, majority of their fans wondered if her on-screen partner and rumored boyfriend physically assaulted the young actress. When she appeared at the ABS-CBN Ball alone, the break up issues got even bigger.

But things got way more complicated when Janella’s mother, Jenine Desiderio, accused Elmo’s mother, Pia Magalona, of allegedly paying a showbiz blog site to clean up her son’s name. She tweeted: “Fashion Pulis, how much did Pia Magalona pay you to publish a twisted cover up story to clean up her son’s image? Da hell!”

After that tweet, she replied to a fan and detailed what allegedly happened between Elmo and Janella. She wrote: “We’ve been quiet kahit anak ko na tinulak palabas ng van at nahulog sa kalye. Pero para baligtarin pa kami, ibang usapan na yan,”

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Janella Salvador

Because of this tweet accusing Elmo of hurting Janella, ElNella fans were both shocked and angered, telling Janella’s mother not to air out stuff like this on social media.

However, Janella recently broke her silence on the issue to defend what her mother did. She replied to a fan who was asking for an update on their love team:  “Good day. Here’s something to think about: do you really think we would be spreading lies without actual proof? What will we get out of that? Do you think my mother would react the way she did if it’s all coming from nowhere? I may not agree with the way she posts everything but at least, she isn’t a mom/manager who only cares about her image and PR and resorts to “ damage control” instead of owning up to their mistakes.

She also said that there’s a reason why she isn’t defending Elmo this time. She continued: “The mere fact that I have not been speaking up about it says a lot. I NEVER FAILED to protect Elmo WHEN HE IS BEING ACCUSED WRONGLY so please stop assuming if none of you know anything, because you are all only making the situation worse,”

Read her full statement below:

What do you think really happened between the two?

If you are or know someone who’s a victim of domestic violence and/or physical abuse, you may reach out and seek help from NBI Violence Against Women and Children Desk (Tel. No.: 523-8231 to 38 / 525-6028)

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  • On my side in relationship a lot of things happen ,and also nobody is perfect everyone makes mistake, I believe that janella and Elmo love each other very much and don’t let other people lead you stand up for yourselves and listen to what ur heart tells you ,on my side I went through a lot of misunderstanding in my relationship I went through hell but because I loved my boyfriend for who he is I did not let anything destroy what we had so I kept on believing that my boyfriend loved me and through that love I showed him my boyfriend has changed and he loves me like crazy ,I know that not all men are the same but only love can heal everything ,I am a big fan of ELNELLA and I hope they will fix this ,this two people really inspires me ,am sorry I talk too much though my English is very poor ,God bless you all

  • He pushed her out of a van. There were videos where he was seen drinking and where he couldn’t stand straight.

    The problem with fans is that they keep pressing Janella for more details but turn on her when what she says don’t match what they want to hear. If she told it in detail, would you believe her? If Elmo’s innocent he should defend himself.

  • If he pushed her out of a van, has anyone asked what was the cause of that? We see their love grew and it just does not make sense when they were very happy at the bday party before the event.
    Janella should tell all the details rather than cryptic sayings since Elmo is not talking.