Janella Salvador’s Mom Strikes Again

  • February 6, 2018

Janella Salvador’s mom, Jenine Desiderio, is known for not mincing words whenever she’s angry at someone, or wants to make her point known. The veteran actress and singer posted about her anger once again via her Facebook account last Feb. 2, when she posted saying, “Makapal na sinungaling pa” To whom is this post addressed? Netizens have been speculating and some think that it could be addressed to her daughter, Janella Salvador as well as her love team partner, Elmo Magalona.

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It can be recalled that the last time Jenine posted a scathing post on Facebook was last Dec. 27, when she expressed her anger on someone gate crashing during their holiday get-togethers. “How dare you gate crash both sides of our family’s family reunions. Do you really do this as in come uninvited? And how could you enjoy knowing I did not come in knowing you were there? My family’s too decent to make you leave but you think you’re welcome & accepted? Think again. If you can. #angkapal”

Elmo addressed this post during the press con for My Fairy Tale Love Story, his upcoming film with Janella which is showing on Feb. 14. He said he wasn’t the one addressed in the post, and that all he wants really is peace for Janella’s family. He also said it was just normal for a parent to be overprotective of her child. “Like no one will be enough for her,” he told reporters during the press con. “Meron talagang parents, especially when they really love their child, na they will be really protective and there’s nothing wrong with that.“ He did say though that overprotective parents can be difficult on the part of their kids. “Well, that’s the decision of the parent if they want to be overprotective, pero mahirap din for the child na pagdaanan ‘yon,” he said.  Elmo did say that he follows Janella’s mom’s rules, and whatever isn’t allowed, Elmo doesn’t do it. He also only does what is allowed, such as visiting Janella’s house.

On her part, Janella has clarified that Elmo wasn’t a gatecrasher during her family’s events during the holidays last year. She also asked permission from her mom if Elmo could attend. Janella was also seen at Elmo’s family events recently, such as his sister Maxene Magalona’s wedding in Boracay.

Words by Melissa G. Bagamasbad

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