Janella Salvador Rocks Queen Song With Father Juan Miguel Salvador

  • November 26, 2018

Janella Salvador shared a rare moment with her father, Juan Miguel Salvador, over the weekend where they both rocked out to Queen’s iconic song “We Will Rock You”. 

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In a rare moment that was captured by those who were lucky enough to be present, Janella Salvador and Juan Miguel Salvador sang together for the first time.

While Janella carries the Salvador last name, it is widely known that she was raised solely by her mother, Jenine Desiderio after her parents’ split when she was just three years old. Her father, Juan Miguel, is best known as the lead singer of Rage Band, a band that was huge in the 80’s. It would only be in 2015 when the father and daughter would be reunited at one of her father’s gigs in Strumm’s Makati. From that moment on, Janella and her father were able to keep in touch with each other and build a better relationship with each other.

Janella Salvador

While both father and daughter keep their relationship private, they decided to share this heartfelt moment with their fans and netizens.


Janella posted a snippet of their performance on her Instagram and her fans found the moment so precious!

Watch the full performance here!

We’d sure love to see more of Janella and her dad perform more! What a tandem!

Janella Salvador is nominated at the Inside Showbiz Awards! Head over to the Inside Showbiz Awards page to vote for her and your other favorites!

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