Janella Salvador Strikes Back: “I’m not a promo puppet”

  • April 16, 2018

With the heat of summer it’s impossible not to get sick especially if you’re always working and always on-the-go. Even teen actress Janella Salvador suffered from heatstroke because of the crazy summer heat and was unable to go to her surprise birthday on April 15 hosted by one of her fan groups, @TitasofElNella.

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A lot of fans were dismayed while others understood the situation. She acknowledged their efforts and was genuinely sorry for what happened.

She tweeted, “I am truly sorry to all the @TitasOfElnella for not being able to go to the birthday surprise today. Believe me, I was just as excited as you all are and I really wanted to force myself to still go but i’m not in good enough shape to do so. I’ll be very honest here, some of your tweets are actually quite hurtful. I know your angst against some things that didn’t go the way you want them to but you don’t have to assume the worst. Please do think before you tweet. Things are not always what they seem. Now, I hope you TRULY understand that I really am not feeling well today due to an episode of heatstroke and if I could go, I would. I’m not the promo puppet you guys are painting me to be. I will stand up for myself if I have to. Anyway, enjoy today. I still love all of you.”

Below are some of the tweets of her fans:

Elmo Magalona went to the surprise party and celebrated with them.

We hope for Janella’s speedy recovery!

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