Jasmine Curtis shrugs off Snapchat video issue

  • February 10, 2016

Showbiz enthusiasts who are always on social media are probably aware of the infamous Snapchat images of Jasmine Curtis with her sister’s boyfriend, Erwan Heussaff.

The said photo of Jasmine and Erwan garnered negative reactions from the people. Some netizens said that the photo looks ‘malicious.’

Jasmine’s sister, Anne Curtis eventually released her official statement on Twitter regarding the issue and made it clear that she is not affected at all. She also noted that Jasmine and Erwan are really close and the people should not add malice to it. (Read related post: “I’m lucking that Erwan is treating Jasmine like his own sister” says Anne Curtis)

Jasmine finally raised her thoughts on it during the press conference of her latest TV series Ang Panday on TV 5. She said that she cannot blame the people for thinking that way because they don’t know her personally. However, Jasmine added that people should take it easy in judging most especially if they don’t know the big picture of the situation. She said that she has always been close to Erwan since the celebrity chef started dating her sister.