Jed Madela Celebrates 15 Years Of Making Music

  • November 16, 2018

When it comes to OPM, Jed Madela’s name is one that will always pop up in any conversation. After winning the World Championships of The Performing Arts back in 2005, Jed has continued to share his amazing vocal talents in the local music industry and is now celebrating 15 years in the industry. In celebration of this milestone, Jed is holding a concert called “Higher Than High” to commemorate the colorful musical journey that he has had so far.

Jed Madela

In an exclusive interview, we get to know “The Voice” or “The Singer’s Singer”, or just simply “Jed” himself.

15 years in the industry is quite a feat! What can you say about your journey?

It’s been fun and colorful. 15 years is not a joke especially when you’re in this kind of industry. Ang magagaling na singers and performers and lalo na sa industriya ngayon na it’s run by social media so it’s easier to get discovered.  It’s been a bumpy ride but it’s all worth it kasi mas na-appreciate ko yung mga kung anong meron ako ngayon kasi talagang alam kong pinaghirapan ko yun lahat.

Jed Madela

How were you able to keep up with the emergence new talents every so often? Where did your staying power come from? 

I think it all starts with the love for your job. It stems from there. When you love your job, you work hard to better your craft and aside from that, it’s not just all about your talent. It’s also about how you deal with people. It’s about how you build relationships with the people you work with. I think that’s one of the things that made me solid sa industriyang ‘to. I never forget to look back and appreciate and give gratitude to the ones who helped out, kasi kahit anong galing mo, kahit anong talent mo, kung walang gustong makipag-trabaho sayo it’s impossible to stay in this industry.

In the 15 years that you’ve been here in this industry what can you say is your greatest achievement?

Siguro it would be winning the world championships. It was that moment really started everything because I won in 2005 but I started early 2000’s pa. Another highlight for me is just this past few years, I was given the opportunity to give back to the young artists. Nag-mementor ako sakanila. Nagtuturo ako sakanila. Seeing them realize their dreams is a big achievement on my part.

Are there any moments in your career that you would probably have change or would have done a bit differently?

No, I don’t think so. Kasi mapa-tama man o mali na mga nagawa ko in the past, I think that all contributed to who I am now. The right things probably made me more wise and even the wrong things that I’ve done made me more conscious of my actions and my movements and the things that I would say. Siguro if there would be anything I would change, I would have started earlier because I kinda started late. Late 20’s na ako nag-start so yun lang siguro.

Jed Madela

What is the significance of the title “Higher Than High” for your 15th anniversary concert?

We called it “Higher Than High” because yung pinaka-goal ko sa concert na ‘to is that I want to give the audience a different kind of “high”. When they watch the show, I want every production number to wow them. Hindi lang siya yung tipong nagpakitang gilas lang ako dyan, hindi. It’s gonna be like two-way street. It’s gonna be an interaction between me and the audience. I want them to go home and bring good memories and think ‘Wow! That was worth it! That was a good show, that was a good concert.’ A different kind of high, goosebumps.

How are you involved in “Higher Than High”?

100 hundred percent kaya hindi na ako nakakatulog (laughs). Actually everything that the audience is going to see in this concert are all my ideas. These are things that I really want to do and of course we have a director to implement it. So everything from concept, even to the photoshoots, and to the prod numbers, to the beat, the celebrity guests, ako lahat pumili. This is my first concert. My first show in the big dome. I just want it to be perfect. I want to show a reflection of who I really am.

Jed Madela

Let’s talk about your celebrity guests- what made you pick them to join you in your concert?

I chose the TNT boys, I’ve worked with them in Your Face Sounds Familiar and I’ve mentored the so I want to showcase them din sa concert ko. Also,  another special guest is Boyband PH. I’ve seen these guys start from scratch, as in talaga from nagkaka-paan pa. Now, they’re very in-synch. The first time that I performed with them was in Pilipinas Got Talent, sabi koAng galing nitong grupong ‘to. I wanna invite them sa future concert ko!’ Now its happening. Ang guest ko na pinili ko rin is si Darren Espanto. I’ve been close to this kid since he was around thirteen or twelve- the first time he joined The Voice Kids and until now he has grown a lot since then. Nagbibinata na yet we still have that connection. It’s a  relationship na mag-kuya. And, of course, si Regine Velasquez-Alcasid. Sa mga hindi nakaka-alam, Regine is the reason why I’m in the industry right now. Siya ang pinaka-idolo ko sa pagkanta so kaya talagang kailangan siyang part siya ng concert na ‘to.

Jed Madela

So what can we expect with your performance with Regine?

Definitely it’s gonna be something really big. Its going to be something explosive na people have been looking forward to.

After “Higher Than High”, what’s next for you?

I would love to produce songs for new artists. It’s more of giving back now compared to before. Of course, I’ll be promoting the new album, I’ll be promoting the new singles and I’ll be touring after the mid-year concert and may mga abroad din for Higher Than High. It’s gonna be busy for next couple years.

Jed Madela

Photographed by Floyd Jhocson of Studio 100 | Art Direction by Nix Villaruel | Sittings Editor Vani Altomonte | Associate Publisher Walter de Jesus

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