Jenine Desiderio Further Explains Gatecrasher Issue

  • February 17, 2018

The plot gets thicker with veteran singer-actress Jenine Desiderio and her possible issues with her daughter, My Fairy Tail Love Story star, Janella Salvador and her leading man and love team partner, Elmo Magalona. Jenine just posted on her Facebook account again this afternoon about the gatecrasher issue and reiterated that it was true, and that whoever this gatecrasher is,“lied” about it in interviews.

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Jenine’s post on Facebook says, “Gatecrasher sya talaga. That’s the truth. Ask the fam. No more lies please. The one who brought this person was not the one hosting the party & did not inform anyone that she invited a non-family member to a family reunion. Nor was this ok with the family as they both claim. This is fine under normal circumstances if this person did not cause the major break up of a family. But….
I’m so tired of being maligned & painted out of line. Please know the facts from all sides before judging & reacting. Thank you.”

Jenine also said in the comments of the same Facebook post, “Sorry for the delayed reaction. It’s only now I read/saw some interviews & comments. Tao lang po. Hindi ako si Darna.”

“Lie if you must to save your ass but not at my expense.”

“Again?” (asked by commenter) “No. They lied in interviews about this.” (Jenine’s reply)

Jenine, a no-show at My Fairy Tail Love Story advanced screening

Most people have surmised that Jenine was referring to Elmo gatecrashing her family’s get-togethers during the holidays a few months ago. Janella and Elmo have since denied that Elmo have gatecrashed these events, saying in interviews that Elmo was invited. It can be further noted that Jenine didn’t attend the premiere night of her daughter’s and Elmo’s film, My Fairy Tail Love Story, which was last February 13.

Jenine also hasn’t been promoting the film on her social media account. This can be said to be unlike her behavior during the showing of Janella and Elmo’s film last year, Bloody Crayons, where Jenine attended the advanced screening and also had selfies with her daughter on the red carpet. She also posted about the film online, promoting it. So many have concluded that there really is a rift between mother and daughter.

Did Janella and Elmo lie?

It can be recalled that the last time that Jenine posted something that seems to be related to this issue was two weeks ago, when she also posted on Facebook, “Makapal na, sinungaling pa.” If people’s guesses are correct that she is referring to Janella and Elmo, she could be referring to Elmo gatecrashing and then denying it in interviews when he and Janella were doing the promos for My Fairy Tail Love Story.

The first time that Jenine posted about getting angry at a gatecrasher was last December, when she also posted on her Facebook account about the issue. Her post read, “How dare you gate crash both sides of our family’s family reunions. Do you really do this as in come uninvited? And how could you enjoy knowing I did not come in knowing you were there? My family’s too decent to make you leave but you think you’re welcome & accepted? Think again. If you can. #angkapal”

Elmo has responded regarding this gatecrasher post of Jenine during the press con for My Fairy Tale Love Story. He said he wasn’t the one addressed in the post, and that all he wants really is peace for Janella’s family. He also shared that it was just normal for a parent to be overprotective of her child. “Like no one will be enough for her,” he told reporters during the press con. “Meron talagang parents, especially when they really love their child, na they will be really protective and there’s nothing wrong with that.“ He did say though that overprotective parents can be difficult on the part of their kids. “Well, that’s the decision of the parent if they want to be overprotective, pero mahirap din for the child na pagdaanan ‘yon,” he said.  Elmo did say that he follows Janella’s mom’s rules, and whatever isn’t allowed, Elmo doesn’t do it. He also only does what is allowed, such as visiting Janella’s house.

Janella has also clarified that Elmo wasn’t a gatecrasher during her family’s events last December. She also said she asked permission from her mom if Elmo could attend.

So if they’re the ones that Jenine is referring to in her gatecrasher and liar posts, is she saying that both of them lied to the press? Also, what did Jenine mean by the gatecrasher breaking up a family? Whose family did the gatecrasher break apart?

The opposite is true for Janella and the Magalonas

Ironically, the opposite seems to be true when it comes to the treatment of Elmo’s family to Janella. Janella has been welcomed to Elmo’s family and has been very visible in his family’s events. Janella was seen at Elmo’s sister, Maxene Magalona’s wedding to Robbie Mananquil one month ago. Janella has said on Tonight With Boy Abunda a few days ago that it was a great experience and that Elmo’s family was very warm and welcoming to her. Elmo said that he was really happy that it was his sister Maxene herself who invited Janella to her wedding. “She didn’t invite a lot of people, so for her to [invite] Janella, that means a lot,” said Elmo to Boy on the show. “She’s very welcome in our family.” Elmo also revealed that his mom, Pia Magalona, always gives Janella gifts. “Out of nowhere, nagugulat na lang ako, may mug or something,” said Janella happily on the same episode of TWBA. “So welcome to the family,” concluded Boy after Janella and Elmo told their stories of the Magalonas’ treatment of Janella.

Getting closer and more in love?

Is ElNella defying the rules of Jenine because they seem closer and fonder of each other, now more than ever? It was also seen in the same episode of TWBA that Janella and Elmo have a closer bond, and if ever, more in love. Boy asked Janella during the last part of the show, how much she loved Elmo. The young actress said that the fact that Elmo is the only person and guy she’s had that bond with, says a lot. She also said that if she would rate her love for Elmo from 1-10, it would be 11! Janella seems to be really smitten by her love team partner, so is she going against her mother’s wishes, for love?

On his part, Elmo also seems to really like Janella. When Boy asked Elmo how he would introduce Janella to his late dad, rap icon Francis Magalona, Elmo said that he would introduce her as his “one and only.” Could this growing closeness also have been a reason why Elmo possibly gatecrashed last December and then denied this to the media during their movie promotions?

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Words by Melissa G. Bagamasbad

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