Jenine Desiderio Promotes So Connected Despite Conflict With Janella Salvador

  • May 23, 2018

Despite their rift, Jenine Desiderio still showed support for her daughter Janella Salvador in her latest film, So Connected with Jameson Blake. On her Instagram account, Jenine promoted the film with the caption: “So Connected now showing starring my daughter, Janella Salvador, and Jameson Blake. Friends, kindly watch & show your support! Thank you!”

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Their longstanding conflict between the mother and daughter seems to still be ongoing as Jenine once again replied to netizens about ElNella. A netizen asked Jenine why she doesn’t want Janella to be linked with Elmo. She replied: “Ang gusto ko lalaking matino na marunong rumespeto. Yung gagabayan yung anak ko sa tama.”

So Connected is now showing in cinemas nationwide.

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