Jessy Mendiola Speaks Up About Plane Harassment Issue Involving Enrique Gil

  • December 5, 2018

Actress Jessy Mendiola happily celebrated her birthday with partner Luis Manzano, and has been doing promos for her upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival entry, The Girl in the Orange Dress. With these blessings on her way, Jessy has also become more open about the struggles she went through.

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After opening up about the fat memo she received from ABS-CBN, Jessy has also spoken up about the plane harassment she experienced involving Enrique Gil. It can be remembered that Jessy was involved in an altercation with Enrique Gil back in 2015. According to reports, Enrique was drunk and made Jessy uncomfortable in the plane during their flight back to the Philippines.


When asked if Enrique ever personally apologized to her, Jessy responded: “Ah, hindi. Nag move on na ako,”

She continued: “May mga bagay na ikaw din kasi ang mahihirapan kapagka hindi  mo ni-let go yung mga ganung bagay. And now, okay na ako, e. May mas malala pang bagay na nangyari sa akin. And halata naman siguro na happy ako ngayon and yung mga dating nangyari, hayaan na natin yun.”

What can you say about Jessy’s comments?

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