Jesus Falcis To Kris Aquino: “We will dethrone you”

  • January 24, 2019

The fight between the Falcis brothers and Kris Aquino still hasn’t die down. On Jesus Falcis’ Instagram post, he once again attacked Kris and accused her of lying. The brother of Nicko Falcis posted a screenshot of a message allegedly sent by Kris.

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Jesus Falcis and Nicko Falcis

On the screenshot, Kris allegedly told Nicko what is the most believable reason she can use to be excused from her work. On Jesus’ caption, he wrote: “Parang estudyante lang! Nag i-imbento ng sakit para ma-excuse sa classes. Yun nga lang sya gusto ma-excuse sa work! Napaka #artecaria kapag nde nya feel biglang tataas ang BP nya to 150 over arte. Imbes na umamin ka na lang sa mga endorsements mo, ginamit mo pang palusot ang Kuya ko na na-stress ka dahil may “financial abuse” na gawa-gawa mo lang din naman,”

Jesus Falcis' screenshot Jesus Falcis posted another Kris Aquino -related IG post He continued: “Game of Thrones level of scheming. But you no longer have a throne. Even if you do, we will dethrone you!”

The Falcis brothers surely aren’t backing down from Kris Aquino. Who do you think is telling the truth?

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