JK Labajo Speaks Up On Issue With Darren Espanto: Denies Tweeting “Gayness At Its Finest”

  • November 28, 2018

JK Labajo has finally broken his silence on the infamous Twitter war that he had with his fellow The Voice Kids alum, Darren Espanto.

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The Twitter war feud between JK Labajo and Darren Espanto took the digital world by storm. No one was expecting it but after Darren blew up after allegedly being tweeted by JK saying, “gayness at its finest,” not much has been heard from JK.

In an interview with ABS-CBN Entertainment during their trade event dubbed #FamilyIsLove, JK Labajo finally opened up about the whole debacle that happened between him and Darren and stands firm with denying that it was him who tweeted “gayness at its finest” to the total performer.

“I don’t feel bad kasi I didn’t do anything. Kasi hindi naman ganun kakapal ang mukha ko para magsinungaling to the extent pati sa harap ng mga boss. You know what I mean,” said JK.

In the recent media interviews with Darren regarding the issue, the total performer is sure that it was JK who is behind the tweet in question and is even considering the lengths of taking matters to court if needed but the latter is not backing down stating that he is innocent of the things Darren and netizens are accusing him of.

Darren Espanto
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Yun nga, I will apologize if I did something. Iba-iba kasi ang paniniwala ng mga tao. Hindi ko na mababago ‘yun. So let it be. Ako, okay na ako sa issue. Tapos na ako,” said JK.

As per controversies and issues such as this, JK says that he expected these things to come about. “Everything’s quiet. For sure, this article will make everything loud again for quite some time. And then it will go down again. ‘Yan ang nangyayari sa lahat ng issue.Lumalaki tapos nakakalimutan. So it’s part of showbiz. It’s part of the industry. Pinasukan ko ‘to eh. So it’s part of it,” said JK.

Do you think that JK really isn’t behind the controversial tweet?

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