JM de Guzman and Barbie Imperial Romance: Reel or Real?

  • May 18, 2018

Barbie Imperial has recently been making waves with her performance as Mich Verano and Anna Vida De Alegre on the afternoon soap, Araw Gabi, in which she co-stars with JM de Guzman.

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Since the production of the show has begun, the two have been getting closer as they have been spending most of their time together on set.

Ay ang galing mo @1migueldeguzman 😂😂😂

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JM and Barbie, or #JuanBie to the fans that ship their love team together also share sweet moments off-set and even during public events.

Beke nemen @1migueldeguzman @msbarbieimperial #PHRArawGabi

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The two are also now seen in public events together.

So what do you think? Is #JuanBie for reel or real?

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