Jodi Sta. Maria Reveals The 3 Beauty Tips She Swears By

  • April 17, 2019

Jodi Sta. Maria undoubtedly has one of the most beautiful faces in local showbiz. The actress has recently joined the Ever Bilena family and upon seeing her at her official launch as their endorser last week, we understood why she was picked by the cosmetics giant.

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Jodi Sta. Maria

Jodi Sta. Maria proves to be a timeless beauty in the local showbiz industry. At the age of 36, Jodi is still bagging coveted roles on film and television and is still very much a bankable endorser for many brands- the latest of which is Ever Bilena cosmetics.

Jodi Sta. Maria

During the official launch of Jodi as the new endorser of Ever Bilena last week, she shared the three beauty rules that she swears by.

1. Know your face

Jodi believes that if you know what to enhance in your face through make up, you’ll know which products to invest in. “I think it’s important that you know the profile of your face [so] that you can parang enhance more [of that].”

The actress describes her go-to make-up look as, “Classy, sophisticated, and simple.” This proves to be true as Jodi described what you would find in her make-up bag during the event, “Syempre the kilay and the tint but I also have there my lipgloss, mascara and my curl lash. So ayun lang naman, sobrang basic yun laman ng make-up bag [ko].”

As for her favorites from the Ever Bilena line, Jodi enumerates three products, “[The] Ever Original Pencil, that’s a classic. Our EB Matte Lipstick, and of course yung ating two-way cake na matte powder.”

2. Never sleep with your make-up on

Even after long days of taping, Jodi still makes it a point to clean her face to make sure that her skin is in tip-top condition. “Never sleep with your make-up on so that you don’t get pimples or [so that] you don’t get an oily face or oily skin,” shared Jodi.

3. Know what products your skin likes

And lastly, Jodi insists on feeling out what products your skin responds to well and what it repels. “Be mindful of the products [that] you use and listen to your skin. If your skin is telling you na parang, ‘Okay, with this product I get pimples.’ Stop using it.”

The actress also points out that not all trends in terms of skin care products work for everyone. “Not because it’s a fad or [it’s] uso, [means that] you should be using it. It always good to listed to your body,” shared Jodi.

If you want gorgeous skin like Jodi’s, you definitely need to take note of these pointers!

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