Jon Lucas Defends Hashtag Tom: “Bakit niyo siya sinisisi?”

  • December 12, 2017

It has been month since the untimely death of Hashtag Franco Lumanlan but people are still debating about the real story behind it. Recently, Franco’s girlfriend Janica Nam finally recounted the day of Franco’s death through her perspective which made some people put the blame to fellow Hashtag member Tom Doromal. Hashtag Jon Lucas came to Tom’s defense after bashers put the blame on him for their friend’s death.

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In an exclusive interview with PEP, Hashtag Jon was calm and collected as he denied that Tom is one of the reasons why Franco died. “Nagtataka ako bakit niyo sinisisi si Tom. Hindi niyo alam kung gaano niya kamahal yung taong iniidolo niyo para siya yung pagbintangan niyo, na siya yung pumatay. Unang una kaya niya nga sinama si Franco sa Davao kasi gusto niyang mag enjoy yung tao kasama yung girlfriend niya tapos sasabihin niyo na siya yung may dahilan. Siyempre wala namang gusto yung nangyari.”

Jon also shared that his friend Tom is hurt by all the accusations. “Nasasaktan si Tom, ramdam ko naman yun eh. Nilalabanan niya na lang siguro.”

Currently, Tom Doromal hasn’t issued a response yet on Janica Nam’s narration of Franco’s death.

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