Julia Barretto Fiercely Responds To Basher

  • November 6, 2018

Young actress Julia Barretto refused to stay silent when a basher accused her of being “malandi, immature, at gumagawa ng alibi” when she expressed on her Instagram story that she’s not feeling well on the day of Joshua Garcia‘s birthday party.

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Hours before the party, the basher kept tweeting the actress accusing her of trying to make a scene with her “not feeling well” Instagram story. She also accused the two of faking their relationship and calling their sweetness mere “promo”.  According to the basher, the real boyfriend of Julia is Patrick Sugui.

Julia Barretto

Julia Barretto


Julia responded to the basher and defended herself.  “Oh Cherry. I did say I was sick but did I ever say I couldn’t make it? Are u mad at the fact that I’m sick or the fact that I’m the woman who owns and holds the heart of Josh? See u later. I won’t be too hard to find, I’ll be the beautiful woman holding his hand,”

The actress also said that she will make sure Joshua see the basher’s tweets.

Joshua stepped in and asked the basher to stop attacking Julia.

We love how JoshLia is always on each other’s side.

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