Julia Barretto On Rumored Rift With Loisa Andalio: ‘Stop pitting women against each other’

  • April 6, 2018

Julia Barretto is done with people who are continuously trying to create conflict between her and Loisa Andalio. After the young actress retweeted a tweet that said ‘Ang kay Julia ay kay Julia’, fans assumed that it’s a shade to Loisa Andalio who’s currently paired with her reel and real partner, Joshua Garcia on the primetime soap, The Good Son.

It can be remembered that before there was JoshLia, Joshua was first paired with Loisa Andalio which created a conflict between the fans of JoshLia and LoiShua tandems.

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Fans quickly reacted to Julia’s tweet. A netizen and Loisa fan replied to Julia: “Trabaho lang, walang personalan. Walang namang umaagaw.” Another replied: “Walang aagaw,wag kang threatened.

Julia quickly responded and clarified that she was referring to the rumors about her and Joshua. She tweeted: “What’s all this fan war about? I’m so confused. How did it lead to that? I was pertaining to the rumors spreading about Josh and I, and some people managed to make more stories up. I’m 21, not 12. Stop making two people who are okay, fight. Stop it with the drama.”


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Julia tweeted again: “Stop pitting women against each other. It’s not cute.”

As an influential public figure, it’s nice that Julia speaks up against people who try to make two women fight over a guy. Kudos to you, Juls!

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