Julie Anne San Jose On How She Keeps Up On The Fast-Paced Industry

  • November 27, 2018

At the time where the competition between celebrities is tight on who gets to be under the spotlight, Julie Anne San Jose remains to be seen. In an industry that is ever-changing, MyJaps sure knows how to ride the wave and survive for more than a decade. Since the beginning of her career, Julie Anne keeps up with the multi-hyphenated life as a singer-songwriter-actress for GMA and an endorser for multiple brands.

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Among everyone in her league, Julie Anne San Jose stands out for consistently exuding beauty and confidence in all her talents. “I started singing at two and a half years old. It was my grandparents’ idea to pursue my singing, to pursue being an artist,” Julie Anne said. 21 years after her first appearance on TV for Little Miss Philippines, Julie Anne San Jose is now a regular on GMA teleseryes for years since 2008.

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Just like her personality, Vivo Smartphones surely know how to keep up with endless improvements in technology. Even more, Vivo remains to be ahead of its competitors with its innovative features. Vivo Smartphones appeals mostly on young people for its cutting-edge function and design. Julie Anne San Jose embodies the personality of Vivo Smartphones: Innovative, stylish, and remains to be competitively on edge.

Julie Anne San Jose Vivo Smartphone Endorser

There is so much in store and to look forward to with Julie Anne and her exciting campaigns for Vivo in the Philippines.

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