Kathryn Bernardo Clarifies “Nose job” Issue Along With Other Controversies

  • December 6, 2018

Ever since Kathryn Bernardo stepped into the limelight, she has been the center of intrigues and controversies. Years of experience in the industry has given Kathryn thick skin but that doesn’t mean that she has completely blocked out the noise that comes with being a celebrity. On her latest guesting on Tonight With Boy Abunda, Kathryn faced the issues that has been hounding her head-on.

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Kathryn Bernardo

Kathryn Bernardo proved to be one feisty guest of Boy Abunda on her latest appearance on his show as she did not back down in giving direct answers to the controversies that fans and netizens have been hounding her with the first on the list being how some people would call her “pabebe” or somewhat childish to which she said, “Noon affected [ako], ngayon hindi na masyado. Lahat tayo may kaartehan. Oo, maarte ako minsan at wala naman masama, basta nasa lugar, of course. Alam ko na kikay ako,” stated Kathryn.

The next that Kathryn clarified was that of how some assume that she had her nose done and how she takes copious amounts of glutathione. The actress was quick to answer, “Hindi po talaga, tigilan na yan please.”

Kathryn Bernardo

Kathryn also faced the comments that point out that she is only where she is at now in the showbiz industry because of her tandem with Daniel Padilla to which she acknowledges and said, “Part of me sinasabi na hindi ako magiging ganito kung nasaan ako ngayon kung wala yung tulong ni DJ kasi trinabaho namin ‘to for six, seven years. Hindi ko mararating ‘to lahat kung wala akong support system na katulad ni DJ.”

Being a celebrity entails one to face these kinds of comments every day and we’re glad that Kathryn always stays above it!

Kathryn Bernardo is nominated at this year’s Inside Showbiz Awards! Head over to the Inside Showbiz Awards page to vote for her and your other favorites!

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