Kathryn Bernardo on Wearing Bikini: “Basta may permit ni Daniel”

  • February 26, 2018

Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo has always been the sweet and cute type, which is why we haven’t seen her yet in a two-piece bikini, or atleast she hasn’t posted a photo of it yet. Kath has always maintained an image of a sweet and adorable girl, although recently, we see her shaking things up a little bit by wearing more fierce and fiery outfits.

In a recent interview with the love team, Daniel Padilla shared that they have an upcoming show in the US which will also serve as their vacation. “After La Luna, may show kami sa Amerika. So, one na yun. Siyempre show, siyempre may bakasyon din at the same time. Pangalawa, pag-uwi ko, malapit na ang birthday ko. Plano kong mag-beach. So, that’s the plan.”

Because summer is just around the corner, people are anticipating if we are going to see Kathryn again in a swimsuit like last year, perhaps this time, in a two-piece bikini. When Daniel was asked if he approves of Kathryn wearing a bikini, he answered: “Kapag ako lang kasama.”

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Mister ko 👽

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When it comes to posting this kind of photos on social media, Daniel is okay with it as long as it’s moderate. “Okay lang yun. Wag lang masyadog… alam ko naman ang boundary nunPag okay na okay, okay lang yun. Pag sobra na, sasabihin ko yun sa kanya.”

When asked if it’s okay with him for Kathryn to wear a two-piece bikini, Daniel said: “Okay lang ang two-piece, pero wag lang… merong ano na masyado ‘yan. Ayokong masyadong pag-isipan ka nang masama ng iba. Hindi ko kaya. Elegante pero sexy, why not, di ba?”

Kath’s travel bucket list: ✔️visit el nido Palawan

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When the Teen Queen was asked if she is already confident about wearing a bathing suit, Kathryn replied: “Basta may permit ni Mr. Padilla kung bagay ba sa akinMay approval po muna.”

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