Kiana Valenciano Calls Out Basher For Below-The-Belt Comment

  • July 31, 2018

It is common knowledge that celebrities are now more reachable than ever before. Every day they are flooded with messages from both fans and unfortunately their bashers as well. While most celebrities tune out any negative messages that they get, some bashers are not mindful of the hateful comments that they send out and how powerful their words are. Take it from Kiana Valenciano who called out a basher who sent her a foul message concerning her father, Gary Valenciano.

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Kiana posted a screenshot of a message that a basher sent her concerning her father who has just survived cancer. Along with the screenshot the singer wrote, “Guys, just because you’re hiding behind a fake account, doesn’t mean your true colours aren’t clear as day. Whoever you are, you just embraced your true self. How do you sleep at night with all that bitterness and negativity in your heart?”

Kiana has always been vocal about how words are powerful and how it could impact other’s lives if not used wisely.

While it might seem convenient for bashers to hide behind an anonymous account, it will not hide the ugliness of their characters that their hateful words are showing.

You tell them, Kiana!

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