Kisses Delavin Accidentally Reveals Maymay Entrata’s Personal Number To The Public

  • September 14, 2018

Fans were outraged when Kisses Delavin accidentally showed everyone Maymay Entrata‘s personal phone number. In her live guesting on Kapamilya Chat, Kisses showed how she and Maymay talk off-screen, flashing their text conversation on the camera for everyone to see. Little did she know, the personal number of Maymay can be seen as well– giving the fans and bashers a direct contact to Maymay.

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Naturally, some fans felt overprotective because of this saying that this is a complete breach of Maymay’s privacy. One of Maymay’s staff, Patricia Canete, assured everyone that matters are handled already and that the actress has already changed numbers.

However, some aren’t satisfied, pointing out that what Kisses did still gave huge trouble and hassle for Maymay.

Here are some reactions of netizens:

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  • I think everyone makes an honest mistake. Who does not? It is indeed a breach of personal data but of course I believe that their friendship comes first above all. It will be petty and hilarious if that would lead for them to hate each other. So we must stop hating and try to look at both sides. For you I side showbiz, don’t put gas on fire by posting this article. You could have also shared people who backed up Kisses and not only those who bad mouthed her. This is ridiculous.