Kris Aquino Delivers Short But Memorable Performance In “Crazy Rich Asians”

  • August 22, 2018

The highly anticipated Hollywood film Crazy Rich Asians makes its debut in Philippine cinemas today and surely Filipino audiences will be on the lookout for Kris Aquino’s cameo in the film as Princess Intan.

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In multiple interviews and replies to her social media posts, Kris Aquino has given clues on how much of her will audiences see in the film and yesterday during the advance screening by 99.5 PLAY FM, we were able to see for ourselves how much exposure Kris got in the Hollywood film. Here are our observations:

1. Kris Aquino looked AMAZING

True to the teaser photos that Kris has posted on her Instagram, the Philippine Queen of All Media looked regal and refined in the yellow Michael Cinco gown during her scene with Constance Wu. Her skin looked like porcelain and she was glowing all throughout her scene.

2. Kris’ camera exposure is shorter than what we expected

From the frame where Kris is introduced as Princess Intan up until her last, we could only count on our fingers the times that we had a full look at her face given that the focus would not just be on her but most of the time on Constance Wu. Kris’ voice is clear yet soft and dainty when she delivers her lines, just as what is expected of a Princess.

3. Princess Intan solidifies one of the main cast’s character development story

Kris plays a pivotal role in the movie as it brings one of the lead cast’s character development into full circle. Her less than 5-minute exposure in the film meant so much to the story and the journey of one of the lead cast’s characters.

Overall, Kris portrayed Princess Intan perfectly and by doing so, represented the Philippines very well on the big screens of Hollywood.

Congrats, Kris!

Crazy Rich Asians is now showing in cinemas worldwide.

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