Kris Aquino a K-Pop Fanatic?

  • December 8, 2017

There is no denying that the Hallyu wave is really taking the Philippines by storm. Starting with the super binge worthy K-dramas like Goblin, whom even local celebrities like Anne Curtis and Bela Padilla can’t help but fangirl for, to the mouthwatering food everyone has been craving, like Samgyupsal or the Korean fire noodles that has been the talk of the town that despite how spicy it is, people still want to try it (please bring in the carton of milk), the cosmetics and skincare products (lip tints and face masks) every it-girl has been going gaga for, and of course, the K-pop groups that are serving bops upon bops (hello, KokoBop). Which is why, even Kris Aquino can’t help but dip and submerge in to this frenzy.

On December 2, 2017, the tv host, actress and celebrity mom now vlogger, took to Twitter to ask if she was “too old to join” the ARMY or the fandom of the international K-pop sensation BTS.  On the same tweet, she had stated that she “honestly got interested in them after watching their AMA awards performance because of their Gucci outfits”. She said that she watched their interviews with Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel on YouTube and had also bought their album.

Since then, the admins for her Twitter account has been updating the Twitter world about her latest BTS interactions like the songs she has been listening to, to the song by them that she wants to be her wedding song (Listen to: Serendipity), to her knowing about their UNICEF #ENDViolence campaign.

Truly, there is no age limit when it comes to fangirling, and this of course includes appreciation and admiration for new artists like BTS. Kris is just a testimony to how hard it is to resist jumping in to and taking in Korean culture.

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