Leila Alcasid-Curtismith and JK Labajo-Maureen Wroblewitz: In a Relationship or Just Friends?

  • March 21, 2019

Looks like love is in the air for some of our favorite millennial celebrities! In this day and age, flirting could be done digitally and more often than not, it’s for all of your followers to see. For Leila Alcasid, Curtismith, JK Labajo an Maureen Wroblewitz, it seems like they don’t mind the audience!

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This week was filled with lots of flirting on social media! Leila Alcasid and rapper Curtismith posted photos of each other on their social media accounts and all of their celebrity friends were all for it!

One look at the comments section and you can tell that there’s definitely something going on between these two.

Leila’s Instagram comments section

Leila Alcasid-Curtismith

Curtismith’s Instagram comments section.

Leila Alcasid-Curtismith

Another alleged couple who we spotted digitally flirting was JK Labajo and Maureen Wroblewitz. The singer commented “Jackpot!” on the top model’s Instagram photo.

JK Labajo-Maureen Wroblewitz

The singer even posted a photo of Maureen on his Instagram page and called her his “Buwan”.

JK Labajo-Maureen Wroblewitz

Is it safe to say that these two couples are exclusively dating?

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