Liza Soberano To Release An Album?

  • July 6, 2017

With all the projects Liza Soberano has been working hard for, is releasing an album the next on her list? Liza grew up with an ample background in music, with voice lessons at 12 and guitar alongside.

After Liza shared about her fondness for composing and singing, she took on to teasing about writing a full-length song on her own. She explained that she hasn’t been able to release an album yet as she’s looking to collaborate with other artists like KZ Tandigan.

LABO OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO is cooking. 🔥 Directed by @keanedward 📸 @chynsortaleza

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Moreover, she shared that she wishes to be hands-on with it by devoting much of her time to it. As for concerts, she stated that she would consider it when she feels more ready.

Liza is looking forward to doing it when she becomes a little less packed with projects.

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