Liza Soberano Defends Her Being Filipino

  • February 17, 2018

Bagani¸ the latest teleserye of LizQuen, has received some backlash from netizens because of the show’s casting of half-Caucasian leads when the serye is all about the Philippines before our country was colonized by Spaniards.

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Lead actress Liza Soberano has Tweeted her response to the backlash, saying that she is proud of being Filipino. Her Tweet reads: “And who says were not pinoy? My father is full Filipino. I was raised by two Filipinos since the age of 4. I looooove sinigang I think thats as pinoy as pinoy can get.”

The actresses’ Tweet was met with support from fans as well as those who agreed with the sentiment. Others found Liza’s quip about Filipino dish, sinigang, to be adorable.

Whitewashing criticisms

Netizens cried foul over the casting of Bagani when they saw that the actors cast had foreign blood, and wore dark makeup to cover up their white complexions and make them look moreno and morena. Many wanted a cast that represented how Filipinos’ ancestors authentically looked like, and so many were disappointed despite the trailer showing impressive visual effects, costumes, and cinematography.  While many say that opinions like these can be classified as “bashing” or those done by “haters,” another school of thought also says that all opinions are valid, and those who want native-looking Filipino actors on Bagani have a point. LizQuen is a talented love team who no doubt will portray their characters well on the show because they can act and are versatile performers, but we also wonder what if the actors and actresses casted looked like our native ancestors?

We do give props to Liza for defending her lineage and for saying that she is still very much Filipino, despite having foreign blood and the criticisms of her casting in her new show. Another casting of Liza that was criticized was when she was cast as Darna, a Filipina superhero, for Erik Matti’s new Darna film. Another was when singer-actor James Reid, who is half-Australian, was cast as another Filipino superhero, Pendro Penduko. We love it that Liza took all the criticisms in stride, and is set to prove her critics wrong, as she is determined to play her Filipino super hero roles the best way possible.

How about you, what’s your take on this issue? Do you agree with Liza? Or do you agree that Bagani’s producers should’ve casted a Filipino who looked closer to our ancestors?

Words by Melissa G. Bagamasbad

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