LizQuen’s US Trip Gives Us All The Feels

  • November 7, 2017

Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil are one of this industry’s biggest stars and sweetest love teams. And recently, it seems like their love team has transformed from being reel to real. With Enrique’s recent statements that he’s in this for the long term and that he already treats Liza as his asawa. 

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The two went on a trip to the United States during Halloween and while the two are very private with their relationship, Liza took it to Instagram to share their sweet moments and memories.

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“Enrique Gil clearly loves his pumpkins,” captioned Liza Soberano.

They also went to the Market Theater Gum Wall in downtown Seattle, an unlikely tourist spot wherein people stick their used chewing gums in the wall.

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“Aren’t we romantic?” captioned Liza on their photo. We can’t believe LizQuen still looked cute and adorable in one of the messiest tourist places in the world!

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