LoiNie Breaks Silence On Samantha Hachaso Infidelity Scandal

  • February 27, 2019

Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte have spoken up about the alleged infidelity of the actor to his love team partner. It was insinuated that Ronnie was allegedly cheating on Loisa by a rumored ex of the actor named Samantha Hachaso.

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Over the weekend, a netizen named Samantha Hachaso went viral after she posted screenshots of Loisa’s private messages to her. In the said messages, Loisa asked Samantha to clarify if what the netizens were implying about Ronnie being disloyal to their relationship were true.

Despite being gracious online, Loisa’s inquiries to Samantha were left unanswered and all the latter did was make fun of the actress’ efforts to reach out.

Ronnie and Loisa have since then broken their silence on the issue. On their Instagram posts, they assured their fans and followers that they are going strong as a couple.

Loisa posted a photo of Ronnie kissing her and captioned it with, “May mga taong gusto tayong sirain at saktan, wag na wag tayong magpapa-apekto. Kung sino ang laging binababa ng kapwa, siya ang tinataas ng Diyos.


Ronnie also took to his Instagram account to air out his sentiments over the issue. He posted a photo of her and Loisa in a car and captioned it with, “Pangarap ay makasama ka hanggang dulo. Kaya sa mga sira ulo? Neknek niyo.


LoiNie’s fans and followers took these as signs that the couple is not fazed by Samantha Hachaso.

Do you think there is more to the story of Samantha Hachaso?

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