Loisa Andalio Ignored by Rumored Ex of Ronnie Alonte When Confronted About “Infidelity”

  • February 26, 2019

Looks like one of our favorite love teams is going through a rough patch! A private conversation between Loisa Andalio and a rumored ex of her love team partner Ronnie Alonte went viral yesterday when the said ex posted the the actress’ messages to her.

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Samantha Hachaso, a rumored “ex” of Ronnie Alonte caught the eye of netizens when she posted Loisa Andalio’s confronting messages to her on her Facebook account.

It all started when a netizen tagged Loisa in a post warning her about a netizen named Samantha Hacheso, whom she tagged as Ronnie’s ex. Samantha was supposedly insinuating on a public thread that she could get an unnamed person, presumably Ronnie by the way that the netizen wrote her claim, to meet up with her even and even having him bring his P.A. [personal assistant] if she wanted. This comment was made on a thread where “having sex inside a car in in QC [Quezon City]” was being discussed.

Loisa privately messaged Samantha regarding the issue but instead of replying to the actress, Samantha left her on read and proceeded to publicly post her inquiries for the truth on her Facebook page.

Loisa Andalio

Netizens were quick to come to Loisa’s defense and called out Samantha for her actions. More and more information regarding Samantha’s identity came into light after she revealed her conversation with Loisa. Some netizens actually tagged Samantha as Loisa’s best friend and called her out for trying to steal Ronnie from the actress.

Loisa Andalio

Loisa Andalio

As of writing there is still no confirmation on the kind of relationship that Samantha shares with Loisa and Ronnie aside from netizen’s speculations. Despite the negative reactions to Samantha’s post, it is still currently on her Facebook page.

Who do you think Samantha Hachaso is to Loisa and Ronnie?

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