Loisa Andalio on Joshua Garcia: “Hindi kami friends”

  • November 8, 2017

Loisa Andalio has always been admired for being real and straight-forward with her answers. None-answers and white lies may be normal in showbiz, but Loisa isn’t all about that. Like a true strong woman, she speaks what’s on her mind and says what the real deal is.

There have always been talks about her not being in good terms with fellow former PBB housemate Joshua Garcia, and Loisa straight-forwardly answered that they are not friends anymore. Loisa and Joshua used to be close friends and were partnered for a while until they separated ways and grew apart.

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Currently, Joshua is in a permanent love team with Julia Barretto and Loisa Andalio is rumored to be with Ronnie Alonte. However, they still work together in the hit serye The Good Son.

In her Gandang Gabi Vice guesting, the young actress said that their relationship now is purely professional.Vice Ganda joked about Loisa and Elisse being paired with their exes in The Good Son. “Ang taray din ng ABS-CBN, ang lakas mang-asar. Ipinarehas kayo sa mga ex niyo.” 

The comedian proceeded to ask Loisa about Joshua. “Ex mo si Joshua diba, pero friends kayo?” Loisa answered: “Hindi. Dalawang hindi. Hindi [friends] at hindi ko siya ex.”  The teen actress continued: “Hindi kami nagpapansinan or naguusap. Yung totoo ah, hindi talaga. Wala ding hi hello ‘pag magka-eksena lang talaga.” 

Vice Ganda then asked: “Diba pinatawag na kayo ng management?” which Loisa just laughed off.

Watch the full clip below:

Sad to say, it seems like LoiShua is really over. What do you guys think?

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