LOOK: Gil Cuerva and Julie Ann San Jose Start Shooting for My Guitar Princess

  • April 26, 2018

Shooting has finally begun for the new musical from GMA7 entitled, My Guitar Princess, which stars Gil Cuerva, Julie Ann San Jose, and Kiko Estrada.

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The story revolves around the musical journey of 18 year-old Celina Raymundo (Julie Ann) and how she battles her insecurity of her talent that is brought by her mother, Adele Raymundo (Ms. Sheryl Cruz) while at the same time, is caught up in between two men, Elton Smith (Gil Cuerva) and Justin Garcia (Kiko Estrada), who both fall in love with her.

In a video shared by the official YouTube page of My Guitar Princess, Julie Ann San Jose and Gil Cuerva are seen filming their first scenes for the show.


Audiences were teased right away with a ripped and toned Gil Cuerva doing a scene.

How do you think Kiko Estrada will top this?

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