Maine Mendoza Feels Emotional Over Eat Bulaga Performance

  • July 31, 2017

As a self-confessed sentimental person, it’s not anymore surprising to see sensational star Maine Mendoza pouring out her emotions publicly, specifically on her social media accounts. It’s very normal for the young actress to share her current mood or whatever she’s going through on Twitter or Instagram. Some posts are vague, while others are detailed.

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Maine recently revealed that she had a hard time practicing and perfecting her final performance for Eat Bulaga‘s #DabarkadsGoals: The Ultimate Battle segment. On her official Facebook page, she shared that she was struggling during the rehearsals and even cried out of frustrations. But regardless of the problems she encountered, including the absence of her teammate Ryan Agoncillo who was supposed to share the stage with her, Maine was able to pull it off without any trace of exhaustion and it was even hailed as the winning performance in the competition.

Di ko inexpect! This is one of the few moments I feel proud and satisfied for doing something “great”. Thank you for this memorable experience, dabarkads! I wish Kuya Ry was with us today, but nonetheless, nasa puso ka namin kanina Kuya Ry! We did it, we won! Thank you very much and congratulations to us, Team Ramen! Happy anniversary, Eat Bulaga! ALARMAAAA!,” said Maine with excitement.

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