LOOK: Maris Racal’s 20 Birthday Wishes For Inigo

  • September 15, 2017

Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual are two of the hottest young stars today. Both talented and charming, the tandem of Maris and Inigo really look like a match made in heaven which is why it’s understandable that a lot of people have been wishing for them to become an official love team with their ship name, MarNigo. 

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Official love team or not, we really can’t deny that the friendship between the two is adorable. They are good friends, and big fans of each other as well. Aside from that, it looks like they’re going to the Star Magic Ball together!

In celebration of Inigo Pascual’s 20th birthday, Maris greeted him through an Instagram post with twenty birthday wishes for him.

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“You’re turning twenty tomorrow, Papapeh. Kaya I have 20 wishes for you,” Maris started, and then listed his twenty wishes for his love team partner.

“1. I wish nothing but the best for you.
2. I wish all the songs you’ll make will all be successful.
3. I wish di mawala yang signature laugh mo tuwing umaga sa dressing room.
4. I wish di mawala ang pagiging religious mo and how you pray intently before performing.
5.. I wish ma meet mo na lahat ng KPOP idols mo. (Na meet mo na si Jennie Kim)
6. I wish you continue inspiring other people, your fans.
7. I wish turning 15 ka lang para di masyado marami. Gets ko na kung bakit nonsense yung iba sa 100 tweets. ISANG DAAN DIN YUN!
8. I wish di mawala yung pagiging humble mo kahit ibang level ka na. Inigo Pascual ka na 🙌🏻
9. I wish ma enjoy mo ang birthday salubong mo with your family and friends.
10. I wish di ka na grammar nazi. Englisher ka masyado.
11. I wish palagi ka lang masaya, I know naman di lahat happy days, pero gusto ko masaya ka pa rin somehow. 😌
12. I wish di mawala yung pagiging maingay mo sa twitter. Haha. Your Loveties love it.
13. Sana pag ibig nalang ang isipin ng bawat isa sa mundo 🎶
14. Seventh!! Lucky seven.. I wish healthy ka lang palagi 💙 para long life!!!
15. Sana malaman ng buong mundo kung gaano ka ka-lalim na tao.
16. Sana pang twenty naaa!! 😊😊😊😊🙂
17. Sana ingatan mo lagi ang genuine mong puso.
18. I wish lahat ng dreams mo maging totoo. Di man mangyari soon pero paunti-unti. 😊
19. Sana sa twentieth year mo sa mundo, marami kang ma inspire na tao through your words and heart-melting voice.
20. Ikaw na bahala sa twentieth, papapeh. At sana maging totoo yun.

Happy Birthday to the guy with diamond heart!”

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These two are just too cute! We can’t wait to see them together at Star Magic Ball.

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  • Goodluck #marnigo no matter what happens I’m always at your back!both of you is deserved to be loved and to be famous as a love team because you’ve got all the talents that we look for as an actress and actor!good luck iñigo and maris our babies.