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  • July 9, 2018



Releasing an album shouldn’t be a surprise from someone like Maris Racal, who grew up in a musically inclined family in Davao. Because of her background, she learned how to sing and play instruments at a young age. She released her first single, Tanong Mo Sa Bituin, back in 2015 and has since then been working on her music on the side.

What makes her debut album and the songs in it stand out? “Every song na sinulat ko is from my experience,” Maris explains to Inside Showbiz Weekly. “And halos lahat ng songs, sinulat ko—it’s like a personal music diary.” Maris says that the sound of her debut album is more of pop, with a touch of rock and “Kitchie Nadal vibes.” “May iba doon na very alternative and also ballads.”


Maris says that Iñigo Pascual, her love team partner, has a big impact on how her album has turned out. “Before, I wasn’t into music. I was just into acting,” she says. “And then I met Iñigo. I noticed that he liked writing songs. He was the one who influenced me into writing a song. I guested on Gandang Gabi Vice, and they asked me to write a song about Iñigo. And they gave me famous lines like, ‘Ikaw lang sapat na,’ ‘Gigil si acoe,’ ‘How to be you,’” Maris says she chose the one she found substantial and that’s “Ikaw lang, sapat na.” And that’s how Maris says she dedicated that song to her love team partner.


Maris Racal has an upcoming film with Iñigo titled I’m Ellenya L, under Spring Films, the production company owned by Iñigo’s dad, Piolo Pascual. Maris says that filming is almost done for their movie. “It was actually fun. Taping with Iñigo for the film was fun. Para lang kaming naglalaro sa set. As in yung characters, ‘di sila kami in real life pero ang sarap niya ilaro.

Maris says that this MarNigo project is different from the others because for the first time, they’re not doing music anymore but are now acting. Iñigo actually stopped acting for two years and finally came back with this film with his love team partner. “Different itong movie; mas challenging for us,” she says.

Many dream of becoming stars but it takes someone Stellar to actually be one. #MarisRacal (@mariesteller) is one of the chosen few who are destined for stardom. Since day one she has captured the hearts of her audiences with her sheer talent and charm. Now at the brink of catapulting into superstar status with the launch of her album and her upcoming movie, Maris is beaming with confidence and gratitude for what’s to come. Read more on the latest issue of Inside Showbiz Weekly on the Flip100 app @flip100ph

Photography by: Mike Gella ( / @mikehellyah)

Assisted by: Shawn Carbonell (@shawnkyler)

Art Direction by: Nix Villaruel (@nixvillaruel)

Sittings Editor: Vani Altomonte (@valtomonte)

BTS Video by: Bria Cardenas (@briacardenas)

Make up by: Denise Go-Ochoa (@deniseochoa)

Hair by: Mark Rosales (markanthonyrosales)

Styling by: Ryuji Shiomitsu (@ryujishiomitsu) 
Assisted by: Cess Tan (@cessdtan), Janine So (@jnineso), and Dia Crisostomo

Words by: Melissa Bagamasbad (@melissagb220)

Brand Associate: Walter de Jesus (@walterahlen)

Publisher: Archie Carrasco (@archiecarrasco)


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Words by Melissa Bagamasbad | Photography by Mike Gella | Assisted by Shawn Carbonell | Art Direction by Nix Villaruel | Sittings Editor Vani Altomonte
BTS Video by Bria Cardenas | Make up by Denise Go-Ochoa | Hair by Mark Rosales | Styling by Ryuji Shiomitsu | Assisted by Cess Tan, Janine So, and Dia Crisostomo

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