Maris Racal Shares Her Dream To Publish a Book

  • February 7, 2018

Maris Racal has always been one of the most talked-about young celebrities on social media. With her captivating outfits and witty banters online, it’s hard not to take notice of this sweet and funny girl. Especially with her fast-rising love team with Inigo Pascual, Maris Racal have been under the radar of everyone as she is obviously one of the most talented and remarkable actresses of her generation.

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But for Maris Racal, performing and acting aren’t the only things she’s interested in doing. In an interview with Star Cinema, Maris expressed that she’s eager in exploring a lot of stuff. “Palagi akong nagsusulat, palagi akong nagte-take ng pictures, tsaka meron akong account na nagpo-post ako ng one picture a day. More on memories and making memories and more on writing songs,” Maris shared.

I hear laughter in the rain 🌧

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In the room where dreams come true

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Moreover, she also expressed her desire to publish a book someday. “Isa rin ‘yan sa dream ko, ‘yung maka-publish ng book. Feeling ko isa ‘yun sa items sa bucket list ko. Sulat ko lang dun lahat ng thoughts ko. Kasi hindi ako marunong magsulat ng story. Siguro mas magaling ako sa mga relatable.” And she was right. One look at her Twitter account and you’ll see how many people can relate with her funny tweets.

Funny and adorable, Maris doesn’t only thrive as a singer and performer but also a natural comedian. She exudes a different kind of humor that feels genuine and that many people can relate to which is why we really think that a book from Maris Racal can really come into fruition.

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