Matteo Guidicelli Assures Everyone That Sarah Geronimo Is Fine

  • May 2, 2018

Lots of people are worried about the state of Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo after her breakdown in her Las Vegas show. She became emotional and shared to her thousands of audience that she’s been feeling empty lately and that her recent successes don’t make her fulfilled anymore.

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After the controversial breakdown, Sarah’s longtime boyfriend Matteo Guidicelli posted an Instagram photo of them for the first time with a very sweet caption: “Keep walking, i’ll always be beside you. No matter what. I love you my love. And I miss you.”

In a recent interview, Mateo also assured everyone that Sarah is doing okay. “Everything’s fine,” the actor said.

“Tuluy-tuloy kasi yung tour niya in America. Tuluy-tuloy yung tour niya. She came from another state to Las Vegas, walang tulog, and did a show. You know, her show is a jam-packed show from the start, the beginning. She just got very emotional. But she’s fine. Everything is good.”

Mateo also said that Sarah was very tired from all the back to back shows she’s been doing. “She was just tired. You know, when we’re tired, our consciousness opens 10 times and everything, and becomes more sensitive. But, you know, everything’s fine.”

We really wish Sarah will have more time to rest soon!

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