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  • June 26, 2018


There is quite a lot on Matteo Guidicelli ‘s plate these days. He displays his acting chops in the fantasy series Bagani, he continues to pursue his other passion, music, even if he has a busy taping schedule and he is also in the works of co-creating a jean line. On top of that, he is busy running his new restaurant.

“I wanna do things that are very out-of-the-box. After 11 years in show business, it’s time na you really go out there and do what you really want to do. Do what your heart is telling you to do and create a little difference,” Matteo tells Inside Showbiz Weekly. He has always been unafraid to follow his heart, just like when he was a karting champion more than a decade ago. Despite having made a name in kart racing, Matteo took the risk of entering show business.

It was not a smooth ride in showbiz for Matteo. He had to learn the ropes and work his way up. He gamely faced each obstacle and is now able to assert his opinions. Is he bound to call the shots in his career from now on? “I guess that’s what I’m slowly trying to do,” he comments calmly. He adds that there are more opportunities on the sidelines.

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Matteo is grateful for the many times he has worked with talented and dedicated actors in the industry. “Collaborating with all these different artists is fun.” As for being able to work with young stars such as the screen tandems LizQuen and KathNiel, he says in jest, “Collaborating with younger people makes me feel 19 again.”

He says of KathNiel: “Both of them are amazing to be with. It’s my first time to work with them and I became a fan right away, seeing them and watching them collaborate together. It’s very refreshing to see two people who are so in love with each other. So, it was very nice to work with them. And Kath is a very, very humble and down-to-earth person.”

He also talks about being able to work with LizQuen again after the teleserye Dolce Amore. “Really cool. I feel like their chemistry has gotten even stronger than before. Not just onscreen but also offscreen. I feel like they are very, very close and they are more confident in each other.” He also praises former child star Zaijian Jaranilla who is an addition to the Bagani cast. “He’s a really cool kid. He’s 16 years old but he’s awesome and amazing at what he does. Aside from being an actor on set, off set that kid is very, very funny. I thought he was just a kid there in the corner. He’s got so much character. That guy has so much good vibes. When he smiles, you get to smile, too. He’s very cool.”

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Another thing that keeps Matteo busy these days is his music. He has released two studio albums and has staged several concerts. “I released my second music album last year and we produced all of that. I’m planning to produce another song. But maybe one by one. I’m gonna work with my band and collaborate with millennial artists.”

Is he raring to stage another sold-out concert soon? “I don’t know about the concert yet because of Bagani. Bagani really takes so much time. Once you have a soap, your life revolves around the soap. So, we’ll see,” says the recording artist who has done concerts at the Music Museum, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino, and Kia Theater.

“But what I enjoy most right now while Bagani is taking place is we do a lot of bar gigs. We go into small venues and play there. It’s fun playing with a band because the boys are great to be with. So that’s fun. Just being onstage with an intimate group and having a good time together. That’s what refreshes me from time to time”

In every career path there is what some call “the peak”, where one has attained the highest possible achievement that he or she could get. For Matteo Guidicelli (@mateoguidicelli) some would say that he has already peaked, given that he has conquered movies, music, and television, but to him he’s only just beginning. Apart from his flourishing showbiz career, Matteo has since then ventured into business with his two restaurants and now fashion with his collaboration with designer Avel Bacudio for a jeans line. Read more on the latest issue of Inside Showbiz Weekly on the Flip 100 app @flip100ph

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Special Thanks to Avel Bacudio, Boardwalk, and, MegaMan Magazine

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