EXCLUSIVE: Matteo Guidicelli Releases Jeans Line With Designer Avel Bacudio

  • June 28, 2018

Matteo Guidicelli is one who likes to expand his possibilities. Right now he is exploring other fields, the first of which is fashion retail as he has just launched a jeans line with fashion designer Avel Bacudio.

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“Late last year, I was really into ripped jeans. There’s no person more perfect than Avel to work with. I’m very close to him because of the relationship with Boardwalk and I said ‘Why don’t we do a ripped jean line? Let’s do something together.’ Avel’s very hands-on in everything he does. And he has a very big following not just here but also abroad.”

He couldn’t hide his excitement about the impending release of the collaborative fashion line. “Avel knows his magic. Avel is Avel and he knows what people like and how people like to be fitted in. I just share what I like about jeans and Avel does the magic. He creates everything. It’s very, very affordable. It fits you very nicely. Our logo is very cool and our packaging is very nice,” he proudly says.

In every career path there is what some call “the peak”, where one attains the highest possible achievement that he or she could get. For Matteo Guidicelli (@mateoguidicelli) some would say that he has already peaked, given that he has conquered movies, music, and television, but to him he’s only just beginning. Apart from his flourishing showbiz career, Matteo has since then ventured into business with his two restaurants and now fashion with his collaboration with designer Avel Bacudio for a jeans line. Read more on the latest issue of Inside Showbiz Weekly on the Flip 100 app @flip100ph

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