Adorable Artworks of Maymay Entrata Created by Fans

  • April 18, 2017

Maymay Entrata’s first ever magazine cover of Inside Showbiz Weekly received praises from fans all over the country. The sensational cover made it to the top 5 Philippine trends on Twitter on the day of its release. The March 25 to 31 2017 issue features how Maymay proves that nothing is impossible if you work hard and have a positive outlook in life. Read more: Maymay Entrata Gets A Taste of How it is to Be in the Limelight
During the hype of ISW’s cover of Mamay, the fans of the young star showered her with love and support by creating beautiful artworks of her first cover.
Take a look at these stunning illustrations of Maymay’s Inside Showbiz cover created by her loyal supporters:

We are sending our love to all the talented artists behind these beautiful illustrations.

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